Top 10: Plays of 2012 Playoffs

Now that the NFL playoffs are completely over, we can take a look at some of the very best plays of all the games. There were only good teams in the playoffs with good players, so there was no shortage of great plays to choose from. Here are the top 10 plays of the NFL playoffs, along with some honorable mentions (apologies for some videos with bad quality, I tried to find the best videos of the plays possible):

Honorable Mentions: 

13. Tom Brady vs. Ravens


12. Lawrence Tynes vs. 49ers


11. Chase Blackburn vs. Patriots


Top 10:

10. JJ Watt vs. Bengals

A huge turning point in this game, JJ Watt’s super-quick-reflex interception return set the tone for the rest of the game. The Bengals didn’t score again, probably because Andy Dalton was so dumbfounded after such a crazy pick.

9. Hakeem Nicks vs. Falcons

Just one game after Victor Cruz had two breakaway TD interceptions (vs. Jets, Cowboys) Hakeem Nicks shows off one of his own. Everyone raves about his hands, but Nicks shows how fast he can run as well, leaving four Atlanta defenders in his rear-view mirror.

8. Lee Evans vs. Texans

I didn’t actually see this play live like the others, but boy do I wish I had. Lee Evans didn’t have a great season, to say the least, but this catch showed that he still has some greatness left in him. Unbelievable concentration. Too bad he would make up for it later…

7. Alex Smith vs. Saints

The game is on the line and you need a score quick against a bad pass defense, so you call a…. QB bootleg? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Smith score. It just goes to show that with good blocking, anything is possible.

6. Jimmy Graham vs. 49ers

Jimmy Graham’s dominance this season was astonishing. Once a forward in basketball, Graham found his calling as a tight end and proved it with a clutch catch and run. He made it look easy.

5. Rob Gronkowski vs. Broncos

I wasn’t so sure this was a catch at first glance and I still am not so sure. But it was called a TD by the refs and what the refs say goes. Not only can Gronk catch footballs up top, but he can lay out and tip them to himself! Impressive.

4. Vernon Davis vs. Saints

Nicknamed “The Catch III,” this play was a thing of beauty. A perfect throw and catch at the goal line to knock off the mighty Saints will go down as one of the most clutch plays in playoff history.

3. Hakeem Nicks vs. Packers

The Giants showed they could keep up with the Packers back in the regular season and then they embarrassed them in the playoffs. And I can’t help but think it had something to do with a this stunning hail mary grab to end the half. The odds of this play ending in a TD were crazy-low. Instead of 13-10 at halftime, it was 20-10. It’s hard to stop a team going into the half with that kind of momentum.

2. Tim Tebow vs. Steelers

“He can’t do this, he can’t do that.” The future may still be a bit hazy for Tim Tebow, but the expectations he shattered this season cannot be ignored. Not only did he send a 1-4 team to the playoffs, but he knocked off an AFC Championship-favorite Pittsburgh Steelers when all odds were against him. And the play he did it on will be forever etched in NFL playoff lore.

1. Mario Manningham vs. Patriots

I thought the Tim Tebow play was a shoo-in for #1, but then I watched a little game we call the Super Bowl. This play combines all the great elements of the plays before it; the concentration of Gronkowski and Evans, the great hands of Nicks, the game-changing value of JJ Watt, and the “clutchness” of Davis and Tebow. It was in the big game! It was synonymous to David Tyree’s miracle catch in 2007, and any catch compared to Tyree’s has to be great. Correction: amazing. No second thoughts about this one.


Top 10: Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

For the most part, I enjoyed the commercials during the Super Bowl. And I feel like I’m the only one who thought that. I don’t know if my expectations for the ads were lower than everybody else’s, but I liked a lot of the commercials. I would give them a solid B+. Here are my 10 favorites along with some honorable mentions:

Honorable Mentions:

14. The Voice “Vocal Kombat”

13. Kia “Dream Car”

12. Honda “Matthew’s Day Off”

11. Old Milwakee “Will Ferrell” (only aired in North Pattle, Nebraska)

Top 10

10. Chevy “2012”

I liked this because it was a pretty direct attack ad on another company. You don’t see that much and this could start a series of attack ads between Ford and Chevy. I also liked how it involved 2012. Topical.

9. Acura “Transactions w/ Jerry Seinfeld”

Commercials with stars in it aren’t always guaranteed to be good ads, but I thought they did well integrating both Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno into the ad. They threw the Soup Nazi in there and had Leno competing for the car as the rabid car collector he is.

8. Bridestone “Performance Football”

Watching the tire-like football fly the way it did was hysterical. It kind of makes you want to buy the football.

7. Oikos “The Tease w/ John Stamos”

No talking in this one and it was still really funny. That’s the mark of a good ad. John Stamos was great also.

6. M & M’s “Just My Shell”

This is a lot of people’s favorite and understandably so. A goofy M & M “stripping” off his shell and dancing to Party Rock Anthem? C’mon….

5. Audi “Vampire Party”

This was one of the earliest ads I remember and it started the night off well. Vampires seem to be popular among a population of teens out there and using the product to disintegrate them pleased the vampire-haters as well.

4. Skechers “Go Run Mr. Quiggly”

Dogs, in case you didn’t notice Sunday night, was a huge theme for Super Bowl commercials this year and it makes sense. Dogs are a very popular pet and can be very funny, especially when they walk backwards and smile at the finish line.

3. Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back”

Here’s another dog, this time working out to get fit. But the story for me was the fact that VW compared this year’s ad to their Darth Vader one last year, another one of my favorites. Brilliant.

2. Chevy “Happy Grad”

This is the epitome of teenagers and their cars. They go crazy for them and the irrationality of their reactions was priceless. I also love the parents’ reaction.

1. Doritos “Man’s Best Friend”

This ad aired early in the night just like the vampire one and it stuck with me for the whole night. The incentive of Doritos to cover up the death of a cat was a bit dark, yet it still made me laugh aloud. And it made me want to have Doritos. Simple and funny. Great ad.

Top 10: Plays of 2011

To me, the week between the end of the regular season is reflection week. Now that predictions and assumptions have been shattered after such a crazy season, it’s now time to look back at the highs and lows of 2011. Today, we look at the very best plays of 2011 in my opinion. Agree? Disagree? Comment below.

Also, be sure to take a look at the top plays of 2010, if you haven’t yet.

Honorable Mentions

13. Darelle Revis vs. Miami

12. Kroy Biermann vs. Chicago

11. Wes Welker vs. Miami

Top 10

10. Tony Gonzalez vs. Eagles

I love one-handed catches and always will. Why use two hands when you can use one? Tony Gonzalez makes an unbelievable one-handed grab whilst keeping his feet inbounds. What a player.

9. LeGarrette Blount vs. Green Bay

Another thing I love? Broken tackles. And LeGarrette Blount reminds us how useful power backs can be. I can’t watch this without thinking about Marshawn Lynch’s run last year.

8. Patrick Peterson vs. St. Louis

The fact that this tackle-breaking 99-yard punt return is done in overtime makes this play so much more intense. Patrick Peterson was a huge playmaker this season for the Cards and will continue to be in the future.

7. Denarius Moore vs. Buffalo

What did Jason Campbell see on this play? Apparently, even with two defenders right on Moore, Campbell saw a receiver who could make those defenders look like fools. Moore shows off the talent many overlook with this amazing grab.

6. Dwayne Bowe vs. Indianapolis

The concentration by Bowe on this play is remarkable. Even after being interfered with, Bowe stays inbounds to make the juggling one-handed catch.

5.  Domenik Hixon vs. St. Louis

Look familiar? It’s hard to determine whose juggling catch was better. They might as well be tied. I’d be lying if I said my bias for the Giants didn’t affect the order. Both are unbelievable.

4. Victor Cruz vs. Seattle

What a season for Victor Cruz. This one play sums up a lot of what his season was like. Great catches and big plays. Watch the play again to really appreciate it. Cruz loses the ball in midair and tracks it down again with one hand. Crazy.

3. Marshawn Lynch vs. Philadelphia

Surprised to see Marshawn Lynch in the top 10 back-to-back years? Don’t be! This guy is sure to give his team a handful of great plays. Forget great though, this play was unreal. The play was over and Lynch literally pops out of the pile and scores! It pretty much summarizes the defensive performance of the Eagles all season.

2. Randall Cobb vs. New Orleans

We have to go all the way back to week 1 for this one. Who knew the very first game of the season would hold the second best play of the season? Actually, it was almost first, but was barely beat out by the next play from week 16.

1. Jerome Simpson vs. Arizona

No doubt about this one. Throughout this list we’ve seen a lot of big names; Darelle Revis, Dwayne Bowe, Marshawn Lynch, etc. But this single play turned Jerome Simpson, a #2 wide receiver, into a household name. A front-flip over the defender to score? Like I said before, no doubt that this was #1. If you have any idea what play beats this, please let me know. I would love to see it.